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In all seriousness

2015-06-14 13:58:01 by WilliamBGoode

Newgrounds has always had a special place near my heart (not in my heart, that's only reserved for strong gin and Bonnie Tyler) and it only feels right to be back here. I'm working on a cartoon right now about vaping (robot dicks) and I'll be regularly uploading to the audio portal (ape like ramblings). Right now I'm also doing a few voices for some other fellas cartoons which I'm sure will be a hoot.... and if they turn out not to be a hoot, I will immediatley leave the country to become a fisherman in Portugal under the identity of Raspy Mitchum.

So long, farewell, auch wiedersehen, good night

      -William B. Goode AKA Raspy Mitchum


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