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ANIME AMIGOS 3.333333 and 1/3 in the 21st century

2015-10-02 21:18:22 by WilliamBGoode

Hey fellas!

So my baby mama Ryan Storm made a new Anime Amigos cartoon that's coming out in two days!!! In celebration, I drew a nice piece of art that unfortunately never got finished because I fell asleep and then had to go to work :( Don't worry though friend-o's! I will post it as soon as it's done and in the mean time I drew a sick ass picture of Ryan Storm's character "Waldo" from this weeby fucking cartoon! Wowie kazowie, my work laptop doesn't have manga studio, but hey man, we make do right?


*edit Still at fucking work, store closed 30 minutes ago



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2015-10-02 22:08:28

I feel envious of this art piece, time to go study until I'm up to par!